BAMF Golf Bag: Olive Drab

Olive drab was the color of the standard fighting uniform for U.S. GIs and military vehicles beginning during World War II and continued as the official uniform color for combat fatigues through the Vietnam War, until replaced by Woodland Camo BDU's as the primary U.S. uniform pattern in the 1981, which retained olive drab as one of the color swatches in the pattern. Olive Drab will be familiar to those that wore BDU's, ACU's, Tigerstripe, MARPAT, Multicam, and other civilian camouflages . It is still used by the U.S. military to color webbing and accessories for troops. The armies of Israel, India, Cuba, Venezuela, and Austria wear solid color olive drab uniforms. The images below are a selection of camouflage patterns that we feel match well with our Olive Drab BAMF Golf Bag*. 

Woodland Camo


The Woodland Pattern, also known as U.S. Woodland, M81 Woodland, and 4 Color Woodland, was the default camouflage pattern issued to United States soldiers, Marines, airmen, and sailors from 1981, with the issue of the Battle Dress Uniform, until its replacement around 2006. It is a four color, high contrast disruptive pattern with irregular markings in sand, brown, green and black.

Marine Corp Pattern Uniform (MARPAT)

 MARPAT (Marine Pattern) is a digital camouflage pattern in use with the United States Marine Corps. Its design and concept are based on the Canadian CADPAT pattern. The pattern is formed of small rectangular pixels of color. In theory, it is a far more effective camouflage than standard uniform patterns because it mimics the dappled textures and rough boundaries found in natural settings. 


MultiCam is a licensed Crye Precision camouflage pattern. MultiCam is currently in use by some units of the U.S. Special Operations Command, and some private military contractors. Several members of the U.S. Army's Charlie Company, 2d Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment were also seen wearing MultiCam. The United States Air Force recently announced that they will be adopting use of MultiCam for some of their uniforms. 

Other commercial/licensed camouflages:




Advanced Tactical Concealment System: A-Tacs

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*[DISCLAIMER: This list of colors and camouflages is presented as an educational page only. TactiCool does not endorse any particular licensed pattern, camo, style, or manufacturer over any others. This list is not, and is not meant to be, all encompassing. The materials, lighting, and even the thread count can affect the way these colors appear to the eye. TactiCool makes no claims or warranties regarding the matching of particular colors, patterns, or camouflages with the BAMF Golf Bag.]