BAMF Golf Bag: Coyote Brown

Coyote Brown is a color used by the U.S. military to compliment camouflage patterns worn most commonly by the Army (MultiCam and Scorpion W2) and Marine Corps (MultiCam and MARPAT). Coyote Brown should not be confused with coyote tan, as the latter is slightly lighter. For the purposes of the modern U.S. military, Coyote Brown is the new 'grey' or base color used in place of camo for equipment and specialty uniform items. The images below are a selection of camouflage patterns that we feel match well with our Coyote Brown BAMF Golf Bag*. 


MultiCam is a licensed Crye Precision camouflage pattern. MultiCam is currently in use by some units of the U.S. Special Operations Command, and some private military contractors. Several members of the U.S. Army's Charlie Company, 2d Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment were also seen wearing MultiCam. The United States Air Force recently announced that they will be adopting use of MultiCam for some of their uniforms. 

Scorpion W2 (OCP)

Scorpion W2 is a camouflage pattern adopted by the United States Army for future use as the U.S. Army's main camouflage pattern on uniforms. The new pattern will also replace the previously discussed MultiCam. To compliment the pattern, the uniform will be in Scorpion W2 camouflage, while the t-shirt, belt, and boots will be in the new Coyote Brown (498). 

 MultiCam                vs.              Scorpion W2

The U.S. Army is transitioning from Multicam (Left) to Scorpion W2 (Right)

Marine Corp Pattern Uniform (MARPAT)

 MARPAT (Marine Pattern) is a digital camouflage pattern in use with the United States Marine Corps. Its design and concept are based on the Canadian CADPAT pattern. The pattern is formed of small rectangular pixels of color. In theory, it is a far more effective camouflage than standard uniform patterns because it mimics the dappled textures and rough boundaries found in natural settings. 

Other commercial/licensed camouflages:



Advanced Tactical Concealment System: A-Tacs

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[DISCLAIMER: The above list of colors/camouflage patterns is presented for educational purposes only. TactiCool does not endorse any particular licensed pattern, camo, style, or manufacturer ... at least until one of them pays us to do so. TactiCool DOES endorse the idea of our BAMF customers knowing how to properly accessorize their BAMF bag with other BAMF products. That said, please keep in mind that materials, lighting, thread count -- and, of course, varying degrees of color blindness -- can affect the way colors appear to human eye. Our BAMF design team made the best possible effort to match our colors to industry standards; however, given the sheer number of tactical gear manufacturers and the resulting color variance, TactiCool makes no guarantees in that regard.]