Level IIIA+ Hybrid Lightweight Backpack Body Armor

$ 228.00

AR500 Armor® Hybrid Lightweight 11" x 15" Backpack IIIA Soft Body Armor


Designed to be inserted into your everyday carry backpack providing protection under concealment. AR500 Armor® Hybrid 11" x 15" body armor integrates into your existing backpack under cover. Our Backpack Armor will fit into your school bag laptop pocket, hydration pocket, or laptop carry bags capable of accepting up to 15.1” laptops, in most cases also in conjunction with your laptop. The ideal choice for staying prepared in everyday life. You can now turn your commuter pack into an armored backpack capable of defeating additional harder hitting pistol rounds in a concealed carry system. 

11” x 15” AR500 Armor® Backpack Cut, can be worn in conjunction with hard body armor plates and trauma pads in both backpacks and compatible plate carriers.

Weight: 1.50lb

Thickness: .25"

AR500 Armor® Level IIIA body armor is Stand-Alone and Multi-Hit capable. Designed to defeat pistol caliber threats up to .44 magnum, and .357 SIG at 1,430FPS or lower, including all lesser pistol calibers. 

AR500 Armor® Level IIIA Ultra Light Weight Hybrid Soft Body Armor

AR500 Armor® Level IIIA Ultra Light Weight Hybrid Soft Body Armor sets the standard for top tier performance. It truly is the pinnacle of modern soft body armor technology. Ultralight weight, thin, and flexible while exceeding IIIA body armor ratings in both threat protection and back face deformation performance – in addition to its ability to defeat some special threats outside of the IIIA rating.

AR500 Hybrid IIIA body armor is constructed from industry leading materials from Honeywell Spectra Shield®, Gold Shield®, and DuPont™ Kevlar® to harness the full ballistic capabilities of these materials creating the ultimate Hybrid IIIA soft body armor pane. The result is an ultra-light, thin, high strength, and flexible armor system!

Designed, cut, sewn, and assembled in the USA!

ARMOR THREAT RATING Level IIIA multi-hit protection against .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose (FN) bullets with a specified mass of 8.1 g (125 gr) and a velocity of 1470 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s) and with .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets with a specified mass of 15.6 g (240 grain) 1430 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s)
DIMENSIONS 11" x 15"
ARMOR CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL Honeywell Spectra Shield®, Gold Shield®, DuPont™ Kevlar®, and Laminated Ripstop Nylon (sonic welded)
WEIGHT (LBS) 1.5000

Level IIIA and Level IIIA Light Weight Body Armor will ONLY ship either UPS or FEDEX. You must select Body Armor shipping option at checkout if applicable. Level IIIA and Level IIIA Light Weight Body Armor costs $12.00 to ship.

BAMF Sports is an authorized retailer of AR500 products. All orders placed through BAMF Sports are fulfilled by AR500 with factory fresh units to guarantee the longest shelf life possible. 

Armor is available for shipment to any state accept Conneticut. Possession by felons is strictly prohibited by law in ALL jurisdictions. SAPI ESAPI III IV III+ IIIA IIIA+ bullet proof vest body armor